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LED Lights Integrating Spheres Testing System ,Spectrum Testing machine for

LED Lights Integrating Spheres Testing System ,Spectrum Testing machine for

Place of Origin : Guangdong China
Brand Name : LEADSMT
Certification : ISO9001:2004
Model Number : X10
MOQ : 1 sets
Price : Negotiation
Packaging Details : Plywood case ,Carton & Film
Delivery Time : within 10 Days after your advance deposit
Payment Terms : By T/T ,30% in Advance the balance before shippment
Supply Ability : 50 sets per month
Power : Electronic
Usage : TEST LED LIGHTS Spectrum Parameters
Max led tubes : 1.2M
Sphere Diameters : 0.3M A1.5M
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X10 LED LIGHTS Integrating Sphere Spectrum Testing System

This is Spectrum Testing system is to Test the Lumen Flux ,Efficiency , Power factory (PF) ,Coordinate Color Temperature (CCT) , Wave Lenght and other electrical parameters of the lamps .


1.rapid scanning technology, greatly improve the measurement speed, full spectrum scanning fastest time 1s. Using spectral integral technology, achieve higher luminous flux measurement precision and linearity.

2.monochromator spectrometer. Photomultiplier tube and other core components for the international famous brand high testing precision, high sensitivity, low stray light.

2) the higher luminosity measurement spectra method was adopted to realize flux test precision. Photometric detector V (lambda) match of national level, the software embedded detector V (lambda) matching data.

Basic measurement functions:

1) to test relative spectral power distribution,P(λ) chromaticity coordinates,(x, y), (u, v) dominant wavelength λd, peak wavelength λp, spectral purity Pe, Correlated color temperature ,(CCT) color rendering indexRa;Ri(i=1--14), spectrum half width Δλ, luminous flux (integral), radiation power, the red rate R%, the color tolerance, the parameters such as temperature, satisfies the requirement of CIE international commission on illumination light and color measurement.

2) EPS software can automatically describe all kinds of light source light flux after starting/power/voltage/current curve of change over time.

3)the main technical indicators:

Wavelength measurement range380nm-780nm
Wavelength accuracyMore or less 0.5nm
Wavelength repeatabilityMore or less 1.5nm
Chromaticity coordinates(x,y) accuracyMore or less 0.003mmUnder standard light source A
Spectrum sampling interval5nm.1nm ,0.1nm
Photometric system accuracyClass one
Corelated color temperature measurement range1000k -100000k
Corelated color temperature measurement accuracyMore or less 0.3%Under standard light source A
Luminous flux measurement range0.01lm~200000lmWith suitable integrating sphere
Color tolerance accuracyMore or less 0.5
Main wavelength range380nm-780nm
Main wavelength accuracyMore or less 0.2nm
Color rendering range0-100More or less(0.3%+0.3)
Temperature measurement range-20℃~80℃±0.5℃
Detector2048 unit line array CCD
Testing time9ms-600ms
Computer connectorUSB 2.0

2. 1.5m long optical fiber

Use for optical signal transmission between spectral analysis system and integrating sphere with high performance.

3.Φ0.30m special led Integrating sphere and 1.5m integrating sphere

Integrating sphere spraying process is good, high spectral reflectance, diffuse good performance, good stability for a long time, easy to clean, not yellow;

Design in accordance with international standards, the ball can be loaded within two feet four feet/upright type LED lamp holder, it can realize the LED inside the ball 4 PI test. Integrating sphere side open Φ 60 mm hole and jig interface,use LED 2 PI outside of the ball test method ,the adapter supplier of various LED fixture (SMDLED, HPLED, etc.). Supplier provide free test is suitable for the 2 PI method Φ 30 high power LED (one) common fixture one only.

the ball inside the lamp holder: E40, match [E40 transfer E27, E14 transfer E27, E27 turn GU10 (vertical)], G13 / G5 (level) .

Functions of the spheres :

together with the spectral analysis system or photometer use for light luminosity chromaticity parameters testing systems.

way to open the door: unilateral rotating wheel/rail support type manually open and close;

4.General standard Light source for calibration (3000K/2856K Spectrum Power distribution /lumin Flux)

Original OSRAM lamp beads 6 v / 10 w ,24V/50W halogen lamp, each one piece used for spectral analysis system of color temperature (spectrum) calibration and photometer flux calibration (dissemination). High stability, high reproducibility, value can be traced back to the China metrology institute (NIM).

5.Led chips testing fixtures

Can test normal leds like 2835,3528 ,5730 0805 and high power leds (in the small sphere) .

6.wp3005 precise digital display DC current and voltage stabilized supply

1) voltage stability: ≤ 5×10-5 ,reading + 2 mv

2) voltage range: 5 v / 10v / 25 v / 50 v;

3) current stability: ≤ 1×10-4, readings +0.5mA ;

4) range of ammeter range: 0.5A/1A/2.5A/5A

5) voltage resolution :0.0001 V, (0.0000 V ~ 3.000 V); 0.001 V, (3.000 V ~ 50.000 V);

6) voltage accuracy: + / - (0.02% reading+ 0.01%reading range + 2 words);

7) current resolution: 0.0001 A, (0.0000 A to 0.0000 A);

8)current accuracy: + / - (0.02%reading + 0.01%reading range + 2 words);

9) maximum output power: 150 VA

10)The maximum output voltage : 30 V

11) the largest output current: 5 A

7. UI2012 AC-DC electric parameter measurement instrument

our window at the same time display voltage, current, power, power factor, with RS - 232 communication function;

main technical indicators:

1) can measure ac, dc, ac/dc signal;

2) current and power with maximum,minimum limit alarm, especially suitable for the production line extensive testing,

3) voltage range: AC: 5 ~ 600 v, DC: 1 ~ 600 v, current range: AC & DC: 0.005 ~ 20.00 A, range automatic conversion;

4) accuracy: + / - (0.4%reading +0.1% reading range + 1 word)

8.Precision frequency test power supply

FDP series precision frequency test power supply is a kind of high power, low distortion, high stability of the power frequency pure sine wave power supply, integration of the source table. Adopt AC - DC - AC frequency conversion and digital waveform synthesis and waveform feedback, the integral period sampling of high-speed high precision, zero output impedance, isolated floating output, voltage current abnormal, and overheating protection, boot current limit and a series of advanced technology to ensure the accuracy of the power, pure nature, reliability and security. Use advanced 32-bit MCU control and measurement, RS - 232 communication can realize intelligent programmable output operations.

the main technical indicators:

1. The input voltage, AC 220 v/AC 110 v (internal change jumper wire), plus or minus 10% 1 phi 2 w 50/60 Hz

2. The output voltage: 0 ~ 150 v or 0 ~ 300 v two notches

3. The output voltage temperature coefficient: plus or minus 0.2% / ℃

4. The total harmonic distortion: ≦ 0.2% (at 50/60 Hz) (ats Resister Load, PF = 1, THD -r measurement)

5. The output line: 1 phi 2 w

6. The output capacity: 500 VA

7. The largest output current: 120 v / 4.2 A; 240 v / 2.1 A.

test must meet the following conditions: AC power supply voltage plus or minus 5%, THD ≦ 2%, plus or minus 5% frequency;

8.Power stability factor: + / - 0.2% (ACV + / - 10%; THD ≦ 2%; frequency + / - 5%) (@Voltage output 80% Full scale , LOAD = 0 ~ 50%; PF = 1)

9. The output frequency: 45 Hz ~ 65 Hz

10. The frequency resolution(realization): 0.01 Hz;

11. The frequency accuracy: + / - 0.05%

9. photoelectric color measurement system cabinet (with door and panel)

international standard open file size, the high quality cold rolling steel plate, the grey tones, well made. The X - 8, WP3005, UI2012, FDP500 in this standard cabinets, make a complete set of photoelectric instrument as a whole the beauty is generous. Save a space, convenient reading operation, good resistance to electromagnetic interference. Cabinet install ac/dc switch, convenient wiring, easy to control operations. With excellent dustproof glass door, in line with international trends.

Pls notice : the computer and colorful printer should provided by the buyer itself .

1.Power supply 220V More or Less 10%, single phrase ,50/60Hz

2.Computer version Windows 2000/XP /Vistar with one USB .Two RS232 connection interface )

3.Colorful printer .

We have detail guidebook for you ,even you not come for training ,you also can do the connections of the testing equipment by yourself and complete the testing result .

Questions will be welcome and reply in 12 hours .

Tel : 86-13610497541

Email ;

Skype: peter.huang187

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LED Lights Integrating Spheres Testing System ,Spectrum Testing machine for Images

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